House Lessans

Enclosure created by the arrangement of outbuildings around simple dwellings, the sheds, barns and walls necessary for agriculture, have long defined the expression of vernacular clusters in Ireland.

This existing assembly of barn and shed with double yard are the remnants of a small farmstead near Saintfield, the original farmhouse now a neighbouring plot. Approached by an overgrown lane, the enclosure created by the buildings and low walls only becomes apparent when at the yards, the predominant view from the lane being of the rolling drumlins beyond.

New elements are arranged in relation to a derelict, simply made barn, to create the enclosures associated with the dwelling and barn, and to permit visual and physical connections to the rolling drumlin landscape to the south.

Forms and materiality are derived from the language of local agricultural
outbuildings, simple pitched roofs of corrugated steel on masonry walls creating courts and yards, referenced to the datums set by the retained and re-used barn.

Planning permission granted January 2015.

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