Home from Home RVH

This project is one of 2 proposed Homes from Home for Clic Sargent, the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people and their families.
Homes from Home offer families free self-catering accommodation close to the main Regional Cancer Centres. If they are well enough, the child or young person can stay there too. The atmosphere is relaxed and non-clinical, friendly and welcoming.

The site is on Belfast's Falls Road, located directly opposite the Children's Cancer Centre, and comprises 2 pre-existing Victorian adjoining dwellings in a terrace. In the 100 years or more since it was built, the block has suffered considerable degradation, being subjected to that kind of alteration and adaptation common with many housing terraces in Belfast.

The proposal is for a contemporary building, essentially domestic in function and character, which does not seek to mimic the existing houses in terms of architectural devices but which rather seeks to build a harmonious relationship with the pre-existing by rigorous respect for its core architecture character.

The plan is deeply recessed to one side to create a small landscaped courtyard to the rear, providing a quiet place for reflection, an outdoor children’s play area and eliminating a risk of overlooking from the building to its adjoining neighbours.

Completed 2013.



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