House Rosetta

The site lies in a quiet suburban street in Rosetta, Belfast, and comprised a pre-existing double fronted and semi-detached period residence in poor repair but with attractive proportions and features. The site had the benefit of a double width driveway space to the east.

The period residence is stripped down and reinstated with authenticity and restraint, with 2 new elements to the south. The larger of these new elements houses more generous internal rooms, whilst the smaller element to the east houses service rooms, and extends forward of the rear line of the existing house to allow family entrance. A 2 storey void flooded with natural light separates new from old and provides an internal space which many rooms enjoy.

The walls of the new elements extend at ground level to the boundaries east and west forming private courtyards for privacy. Views into the dwelling from adjoining gardens are excluded. Beyond and to the south lies the private garden and a third element comprising office and garden store.

Forms of the new elements are simple monopitch with flush roof glazing. Materials are monolithic flush pointed brick with carefully proportioned openings and robust joinery details.

Completed 2012.


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