House Carnathan

Located in the suburban outskirts of Donaghadee, the site sits locked between gardens of dwellings of diverse architectural style.

Initially conceived as an alteration and extension to an existing dwelling, as the scheme advanced to construction, it was determined that a new building had significant advantages in servicing, thermal performance and cost. By then planning sensitivities of height, siting and privacy were established.

The site is enclosed with a tall brick wall incorporating restrained decoration, which aesthetically isolates the site from its unattractive environment. The new dwelling sits within this walled garden.

The broadly linear two storey dwelling is augmented by a series of single storey elements, three of which define room sized external courtyards. The main body of the dwelling is a crisp white two-storey stripped down vernacular form with two single storey additions to the rear and a brick garage on the northern gable.

Materials are from a simple restrained palette of render, slate, dark stained timber and lead externally, and white painted plaster, porcelain stone floors and oak internally. Joinery is generously scaled, robust in form and meticulously detailed.

Completed 2010.


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