The Meter House

The Meter House is a small listed gem of a building by Robert Watt, dating from 1888, located in the now defunct Belfast Gasworks industrial facility, and brought back from almost complete dereliction.

Originally housing the meters which recorded the gas consumption of the city, the small single-domed building comprises only 96sqm and took four years to resurrect through three phases of construction.  This involved considerable research and study into the original interior detailing and finishes. 

The project included renovation and replacement of the existing terracotta decorative panels externally; installation of a new lead clad roof structure; commissioning a new cast iron and hand painted glass dome; the reintroduction of ornate plaster detailing to the roof and intricately detailed timber panelling to the walls; and new double glazed windows with a particularly intriguing curved fenestration detail.

The building forms part of a linear project which extend west towards the retained original brick boundary wall.

Won in competition, completed in 2007.



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