Hill House

The site is in a small village located about 5 kilometres south of Belfast, on the edge of the Lagan Valley Regional Park, a mosaic of countryside, urban parks, heritage sites, nature reserves and riverside trails. The proposal is for a replacement dwelling and garage to meet the needs of the present owners of the site.

The new dwelling is located within an existing clearing, allowing retention of the mature landscape, and is expressed as 2 brick elements, offset from each other and negotiating the sloping topography. The roofs are formed as a low gull wing along the length of the elements, reflecting both the spirit of the previous dwelling and referencing the surrounding rolling landscape.

The house is orientated as the previous dwelling, presenting its long elevation west to the valley. A third element, the garage, is orientated at right angles to the main dwelling, and comprises a timber structure set within it's own brick walled garden, again in the spirit of the existing arrangement.

The new forms and walled enclosures are arranged with existing hedgerows and landscape to form 3 distinct gardens.

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